Ambition. And the firepower to back it up.

We can personally guarantee that David has driven more times across the country by age 26 than you will in your entire life. He has an affinity for vintage Mercedes’, BMW’s and Porsche’s that tend to break down on a daily basis, and by age 21, was known worldwide as a foremost authority on classic German cars.

A partner at Class Four, David manages production and activation for motorsports clients and is almost always a few minutes late because something broke on his car.

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David Rose

Account Manager, Partner

Zach settled in Burlington for the skiing — but on a bad snow year, he cofounded a marketing company with his free time. Nowadays, free-time is not a word Zach gets to use very often. His hard-working nature means he’s difficult to poke fun at, but the rest of the office certainly finds a way.

When he’s not behind the camera on set, he can be found (with difficulty) behind the camera somewhere in the mountains.

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Zach Walbridge

Operations, Partner

As co-founder at Class Four, Charles is an experienced creative director with a background in content strategy and production. He enjoys tinkering on rusty land rovers, running and exploring hard to reach places. Charles also chairs the Advancement Committee for the Champlain College Alumni Advisory board, serving to lead an expansive network of institutional alumni while supporting the success of fellow graduates and current students at the college.

Although a creative at heart, he has an annoying knack for micro-managing our everyday operations at the Burlington VT office. Most days we love charles, but nobody complains when he works from home on occasion.

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Charles Kahn

Creative Director, Partner

Dale was lured back to Vermont by the appalling lack of clean snow in NYC.  After working on every film set he could find, the call of the mountains proved too much to ignore.

Now happily relocated, Dale is the lead project manager at Class Four and is late to work every time it snows more than an inch (unless it snows more than a foot — in which case he’ll be in tomorrow).

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Dale Bancroft

Campaign Manager

As Lead Editor, Chris works closely with the rest of the production team at Class Four. Chris comes from a Real Estate marketing background in Boston, but after discovering a world class knack for video editing, he’s been in an edit suite ever since.

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Chris Goodhue


Neil is a highly experienced Paid Advertising and PPC manager with a wide range of experience in market research and building custom digital audiences for promotion. After hours (and sometime on friday) Neil is a craft beer fanatic with a full microbrew operation in his basement that benefits the rest of us almost as much as it does himself. 

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Neil Bearse

Campaign Manager

Nick manages all social media for Class Four and does it with style.  He wears a suit to post on Facebook and a tuxedo while on Instagram.  All the more surprising given he lives in a van by the river. He is being house trained by his pure-bred husky Aspen, races vans cars on the weekend, and has repelled off the highest peak in all 18 continents.

It is estimated that if his thumb had a step tracker, his phone would have climbed Mt. Everest 32 times from Instagram and facebook scrolling alone.

Nick’s bio was written by the rest of the Burlington office, and although he vehemently denies most of it, everything you have just read is 100% true.

Nick Coutu

Soical Manager

The Partners met Simeon way back in college at a party they likely weren’t invited to. After a couple awkward conversations and 8 years of not speaking to each other, Class Four lured Simeon back to Vermont to manage production for their growing team.

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Simeon Pol

Production Unit Director

Carly Freeman is Class Four’s in-house designer. On any given day, she can be found building graphics, email templates, brand assets or user experiences for development. Carly is also our unofficial director of company outings – organizing weekend get-togethers with a few cases of craft beer in tow.

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Carly Freeman


John has an outrageous story for seemingly every photoshoot he’s on. We used to not believe them, but over time have realized *most* of it is true. In the last year alone, we’ve personally observed John get stranded in a desert cave, be struck by a moving train, and bribe corrupt customs officials to release critical clothing samples in Central America.

He’s 52 years old, has 9 lives, and somehow has only used up two of them.   

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John Segesta


Zane works with our clients directly or together with their in house teams to coordinate social media posting, campaign schedule, and ensure the correct assets find their way to the right channels. A former U.S. Ski Team athlete, Zane can be found after hours chasing FKT’s in the green mountains or on his gravel bike exploring hidden roads.  

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Zane Fields

Campaign Operations

We’re Hiring!

We’re a fast growing and fun group of skiers, climbers, runners, race car drivers, nerds, cooks and all around creatives in Burlington, VT, and Greenville, SC. We look at white walls as missed opportunities and tend to turn the other way when when someone says “Just good enough”. If you like big ideas, unlimited paid time off, and a fast paced (actually, this is not a figure of speech) work environment, drop us a line!

Graphic Designer


We’re seeking a Graphic Designer to deliver exceptional creative and inspired thinking to local and international brands.

Production Intern


You’ll engage at all levels of production, from working with our creative team on ideation to assisting crew on set.