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RedBull // Richie Rude


Red Bull

Content, Influencer Engagement



Three time world champion Richie Rude is perhaps the world’s best enduro rider. At 15 years old, USAC made an exception to allow him to race pro and he’s now a three time world champion. Class Four worked with Red Bull from May - September 2018 on developing several content blocks to promote Richie and his Raw100 project in Northern VT.


In 2018, RedBull needed a project to showcase East Coast American riding with their best enduro mountain bike athlete, Richie Rude. They had an athlete and a playground, and turned to Class Four to bring the production to life. The raw 100 project is simple: 100 seconds in length, no slow motion footage, and no music. By putting ourselves within these limitations, we were forced to get creative and think outside the box. We worked with the resort and trail building legend Knight Ide who crafted a trail that would showcase Richie’s aggressive style.


With over 1,000,000 initial combined views, Richie Rude's raw 100 exceeded distribution benchmarks and effectively supported Rude's athlete brand. Utilizing drone FPV technology, this was the first time mobile follow cameras were deployed in a Red Bull mountain bike production.


Supporting Content

To support Richie’s athlete profile, we developed photo and short form video content. Images were utilized to update Richie’s web bio while a studio set was built on location for his Facebook “what’s in my bag” clip. (below)

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The Richie Rude Raw 100 was featured across several media channels and drew significant publicity from the first time use of FPV drones in Red Bull bike content. Across Facebook, Youtube and Pinkbike, nearly 1000 individual users engaged through comments.

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