In tribute to a legend, Shell carried a throwback paint scheme on Joey Logano’s No. 22 Ford Mustang.

RCR Joey Logano

Class Four developed an original, tongue-in-cheek ad incorporating two racing icon’s history together – Joey Logano and Kevin Harvick. Shell-Pennzoil and Team Penske affiliates deployed the spot ahead of the #NASCARThrowback weekend to promote the livery in NASCAR’s
Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway. 


A Legend is Reborn

Shell began their tenure with RCR with a trip to victory lane in the 2007 Daytona 500 with Harvick. In 2010 Logano also had an experience with the car design where he coined the phrase “she (DeLana Harvick) wears the fire suit in that family.” Class Four incorporated the edgy Harvick and Logano history, leading with content from the 2007 win and incorporating “she wears the fire suit in that family” to add playful humor. Production was completed with Logano and his wife for launch ahead of the #NASCARThrowback weekend.