Renoun Skis delivered the first-ever technology to actively stabilize a ski in real time. Class Four developed start-to-finish photo and video assets highlighting this core technology — from 3D animation and rending to short form SM focused content. We developed strategy to position Renoun as an elite outdoor brand, backed by real, science based results.

In 2015, Renoun Skis delivered the first-ever technology to actively stabilize a ski – in real time. Through injecting a non newtonian polymer into the core of a ski, Renoun’s lineup was able to achieve a 300% increase in stability. Now a 2X ISPO gold winning company, Renoun continues to innovate and push the boundaries of the global ski industry.


Print Design

The Renoun look book incorporates premium rubber coated front paper covers and an etched 6061 aircraft grade aluminum spine. Pages are bound flush with the metal offset for a pronounced stance. Interior pages are fully sublimated in brilliant ink that provides gloss pages an even deeper shine. The result is a tactile experience evocative of Renoun’s commitment to elite quality and exclusive materials.


Video Content

Class Four works to develop moving media that effectively explains the technology, while remaining honest to Renoun’s roots as a ski company. The relationship between ski brand and technology company is sealed together through pointed product video and brand content that is engaging, informative, and digestible.


3D Modeling

The client required photo and spec accurate 3D renderings that demonstrated how their non newtonian polymer (HDT) is embedded within the ski core. These assets were deployed across multiple content projects and natively in-feed.