Digital Strategy
Full Service

Class Four manages the entire scope of Rennline marketing on a full time retainer, encompassing everything from Ad Bookings, Graphics, Experiential Activations, User Experience, and Content Development and Deployment. 

Rennline is the largest manufacturer of Porsche aftermarket parts in the world, with over 10000 catalog SKU’s. Since 2001, the company has grown to become a common place name in the German and American automotive racing markets and on the world stage. As both an in house manufacturer and product distributor, Rennline sits at the crossroads of automotive innovation, with aggressive components for spirited street driving all the way to professional race applications.

Class Four developed a strong brand to support Rennline’s commitment to cutting edge product development and enthusiast engagement. With new channels dedicated to engaging a growing younger demographic, Rennline’s targeted and content rich campaigns convert new customers at the highest rates in the 18 year company history.


Website Development

We developed a new e-commerce web experience with custom solutions for many of the client’s needs.  An enthusiast focused web portal was created and optimized to engage new customers and drive conversions.  The Rennblog keeps users up to speed with the lastest industry news and Rennline specific product releases and sales.  Additionally, a complete overhaul of the Rennline website, scheduled for Q4 2020, updates the decade-old site and offers Rennline whole suite of modern integrations.

Print Media Management

Traditional print channels remain an essential method for connecting with an older, and primary, customer base for Rennline.  By developing all media in-house, Class Four can carefully manage demographic-specific messaging and assets for the same campaign that retain brand relevance across mediums.  


Social Media Management

With campaigns built on original content, Rennline’s social media presence attracts younger demographics and encourages existing customers to build lifelong loyalty.  Opening new channels of communication to the customer has resulted in the highest rates of new customer conversions in the 18 year history of the company.

Result Driven

With over three years of in-house management at Rennline, our team employs a full suite of services and ad-hoc solutions to support brand growth.


Email Marketing

A critical e-commerce sales tool, email marketing provides a direct link to existing customers.  We deploy engaging, original content to promote lasting brand loyalty, which, in turn, results in consistently strong open and click rates. 

Media Content Pool

As a dedicated in house production team, Class Four creates a staggering amount of content. We developed and maintain a media content pool which easily disseminating new media across channels and provides a constant source of new assets for every campaign. Access is also distributed to key vendors and brand partners.


Content Creation

Our work in-house provides daily access to the Rennline’s development and manufacturing processes. The direct contact gives a unique perspective, bringing customers behind the scenes. Video content is deployed across every brand channel to support initiatives, specific sales, partnerships, and lead generation campaigns.

Still Photography

Within our extensive media content pool, thousands of images curated to provide content for every conceivable campaign. Through our network of influencers and collaborators, this pool is constantly updated with current events and automotive projects from around the world.