RedBull needed to showcase East Coast American riding with their best enduro mountain bike athlete, Richie Rude.

A RedBull MTB First

RedBull had an athlete and a playground, but they needed a team to  bring this project to life. The raw 100 concept is simple: 100 seconds in length, no slow motion footage, and no music. We worked with Internet phenomenon @Airblastr to capture much of the riding from the air via FPV racing drones – a first ever for RedBull MTB.


A Rude Awakening

Three time world champion Richie Rude is perhaps America’s best enduro rider. At 15 years old, USAC made an exception to move him up to pro and he’s now a three time world champion. Class Four worked with Red Bull Media House on developing several content blocks to promote Richie and his Raw100 project in Northern VT – including studio social assets. We worked with @DaveTrumpore to capture athlete stills for an electronic press kit.