Louis Garneau is a Canadian cycling apparel company with a commitment to take care of the rider at all levels.


Content Production

Class Four worked with Garneau to produce meaningful video content, from the most eastern reaches of Québec to the emerging cycling landscape of Central America. We developed stories around a diverse athlete group, from olympians to national cycling heroes and rogue gravel grinding legends.


Ad Production

This is death metal. Pain, gruel, and muscle spasms. Vomit, bleeding nipples, and hallucinations. In abscence of coaches, financial incentives, and fame, everything in life is tossed aside as these otherwise everyday athletes assume a primal motivation to finish. This is the other side of extreme endurance sports – the one you’ll never hear about



Building the gravel kit for a new era


The Dark Horse team is a collective of outdoor and endurance athletes with a shared ambition to bring hard working stories to life. This series is an internal passion project for each of us, and there is absolutely no compromise on the quality we will deliver in terms of cinematography and production design.  Our team is willing to do whatever it takes to safely document athletes in remote locations and high-risk situations. Over the years, we’ve gotten used to shit-eating grins and fervid pursuits with the natural world.